We’re a small team of developers focusing on web app development and consulting.

We’re involved in open source projects, developer tools or software for startups and large companies. Putting the user first, we use modern technologies for solid architectures and a great user experience.


Our projects

Apunto - Automated notifications for your customers

Apunto (Spherik '15)

Each of us has been in the awkward position of missing an appointment – even the Germans miss them from time to time. Apunto addresses companies whose business models rely on a timed, daily, schedule. It's providing a safety measure, a way for businesses to secure their meetings with clients.

Business Card Maker

A straight-forward, easy to use business card creator. The business cards are created in the browser, without having to install any extra software. They can be downloaded for free or ordered printed on premium paper.


Create an event and start receiving reservations within minutes. With features such as reminders, notifications and automated waiting list management, the app succeeds to relief a huge pain point for event organizers: managing RSVP lists.

Client work


Started by the founders of hi5.com, Adlogica uses predictive data to help marketers drive conversions. We worked with their growing team of engineers to build various JavaScript-based developer tools and single-page apps. Some of the work includes a dashboard for marketers built with AngularJS or various prototyping tools on Node.js.

Gorgias (Techstars NYC '15)

Gorgias improves message response time by introducing automated templates and keyboard shortcuts on Gmail™, Outlook™ and others. We worked with them on the Chrome extension, helping with the UI design and the large JavaScript codebase and architecture.