We’re a small team of developers focusing on web app development and consulting.


We have solid experience with front-end frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation. We also worked with more minimalistic or mobile focused frameworks like Topcoat, and have created custom-built ones for specific projects. This includes experience with most CSS pre-processors like Sass, Less, Stylus or PostCSS.


We’ve worked with most of the popular JavaScript MV frameworks like Angular, React, Backbone, Sencha Touch or ExtJS. We created a couple of minimalist custom JS frameworks specifically tailored for projects we worked on. We’ve also worked with custom-component- based libraries like Polymer.

We’ve been working with ES6 for a while, using both Babel or Closure as compilers and Rollup, Webpack or Browserify as bundlers.

We usually work with a BDD testing process, but can switch to TDD if required. We’re familiar with most popular JavaScript testing frameworks like Mocha, Jasmine or Tape.

We also built a number of browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and worked on widgets for Google Apps.


For the back-end we try to use Node.js as much as possible, being familiar with Express, Hapi, Hoodie, Derby, and other popular frameworks.

If needed, we can also help with WordPress or other PHP based CMSs.


We’ve built hybrid mobile apps with Cordova/PhoneGap using different mobile frameworks like Sencha Touch or Ionic. One a specific case where performance was critical even on old devices, we’ve built a custom JavaScript MV framework and used Topcoat for component styling.


For the various REST APIs we’ve created we preferred NoSQL databases like CouchDB or Mongo, but are also familiar with PostgreSQL if required. We’ve also worked with PASS providers like Firebase or Parse.

Build tools

One of the first things we do when starting a project is deciding on an automated tool that we use for deploying our code both on staging and production environments. We use build tools like Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Broccoli, Brunch or custom npm scripts.


We prefer Git for code versioning but we’ve worked with SVN and Mercurial in the past. We enjoy getting our hands dirty fiddling with containers or setting up servers when needed.

As a business process we use a variation of methods ranging from Agile development to a more lean approach, depending on each projects requirements.